Discover the World of Tantra for Men who Love Men … Online!

A Monthly Program of 100+ Live Workshops that will Free your Mind, Heal your Body and Unleash your Sexuality.

  • Discover the world of Tantra online!
  • Join the TantraLove Academy and attend 60+ Live workshops each month. 
  • We have the world’s best Tantra and Spiritual Teachers!
  • Recorded sessions so you can catch up later.  
  • Each workshop is unique but they all have one value in common…love! 
  • Just like the TantraLove Festival but online!
Tantra4GayMen is now offering this program of workshops for just $25 a month. These workshops are dedicated to freeing your Mind, Healing your Body and unleashing your Sexuality. tla-carousel2-bodymindlist.png
We have several workshops available, all on varied topics. Here is some of examples of what we have to offer.
Body: Our body workshops will help men become more aware of their spirituality in a physical sense. Yoga, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, moving meditation and nutrition will be offered.  
Mind: These workshops will open up your mind to help you get in touch with your inner self. They will include meditation, Active Osho Meditation and exercises and tutorials that promote mindfulness and positive thinking.
Heart: Our workshops will open up your heart to let love in. We will guide you through self-exploration, breathwork and heart circles while teaching you how to share your feelings on a deeper level. 
Spirit: Unleash your spirituality in a mental and physical sense through music, dance, poetry, philosophy, Satsang, discourse and spiritual enquiry.
Sex and Energy: Opening up your heart and mind will improve your sexuality in ways you never thought imaginable. This workshop will explore tantra, chakras, touch and energy and guide you to multiple and more intense orgasms and increased feelings of ecstasy. 
Fun: Here’s where we let it all out. Members can let loose with other members of our community through disco and cabaret events, musical performances, walks and activities that encompass everything from the creative to the bizarre. 
When you join the TantraLove Academy, you are doing more than joining up for a subscription service, you are becoming a part of our community. The experience will open up your heart, body, mind and soul, and make you feel more fulfilled. You will be amazed to find how this can improve your personal and professional relationships, your decision- making capabilities….and let’s not forget about your sex life!
Tantra4GayMen is blessed to have the best teachers available leading our workshops. There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. And for just $29.50 a month, you really can’t go wrong. 
So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to find out how to live your life to the fullest.