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Welcome to my Video Blogs, here you can browse through the many different topics that I talk about related to Tantra. If you want me to talk about a specific aspect of Tantra, or to ask a tantric perspective on something in your life, please do email me and I will be happy to consider it for you. Hope you enjoy these offerings, Love Jason xxx 
  • Tips for Your Best Orgasm

    Tips for Your Best Orgasm
    Tantra has all of this excitement and interest about it around full body orgasms, ecstasy, bliss, passion and all of these things. One of the common questions I get asked is: ‘Jason, what are your tips for the best orgasm ever’ and I’m going to share those with you right now.
  • How Tantra Heals Abuse

    How Tantra Heals Abuse

    In this video I talk about sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. If you’ve ever experienced any of these in your life, you know how debilitating these can be in your adult life. I believe Tantra to be fundamentally powerful and transformative in helping with one's healing journey - watch this video to find out how it can help you.

  • Tantra Punk Podcast

    Tantra Punk Podcast

    Welcome to my podcast for Tantra Punk in which we discuss my personal journey, offerings, and visions for an ever more deeply and unconditionally loving future for humanity.

  • Premature Ejaculation with Davey Wavey

    Premature Ejaculation with Davey Wavey

    This week I'm talking to Davey Wavey about Premature Ejaculation and giving some advice on this common problem men face.

  • How Gay Porn Helps

    How Gay Porn Helps

    This week I want to talk about how gay porn and Tantra fit together. You might think that as Tantra is a spiritual practice, that porn has absolutely no place in Tantra at all...but I have a different perspective. Find out why by watching this video.

  • To Cum Or Not To Cum?

    To Cum Or Not To Cum?

    This time I wanted to talk to you about one of the common myths about Tantra. I quite often get people asking me ‘isn’t it all about not coming?’. And that’s kind of what people believe Tantra can be about. Watch my video to find out more and let me dispel this myth for you.

  • Isn't Tantra Just About Sex?

    Isn't Tantra Just About Sex?

    One of the questions I get asked about Tantra is: isn’t it all to do with sex? For me, Tantra is like everything to do with sex and nothing to do with sex, both at the same time. I guess that’s one of the things about Tantra; as a spiritual pathway it’s full of contradictions. 

  • Are You Really Happy?

    Are You Really Happy?
    In this video I want to ask you: are you really happy? One of the things I really love about tantra is that in the practice of tantra, in using tantra as a pathway for personal development, it really helps you to look at the things that don’t make you happy and it gives you opportunities and questions and answers in finding real, deep, meaningful, long term happiness. 
  • Love Meditation

    Love Meditation

    Welcome to a Free Tantric Meditation video all about Love! This is a simple guided meditation to show you how to bring more love into your life and this meditation can reconnect you with your heart centre in both giving and receiving love.