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Come and take part in our Tantra4GayMen Online Special Programme
How? Download the Free Tantra4GayMen App & go to Events section.  
Free & Online - A whole varied programme ... Yoga Classes, Ecstatic Orgasm Practice, Tantra Exercises, Meditation, Ecstasy & Energy, Skype Disco, Ayurveda, Tantric Book Club, Solo Tantra, Chakra’s, Multiple Orgasm, Heart Sharing Circles, Breathwork … and MUCH MUCH More …. 
Different Programme each Week, example programme: - 
Tuesday - Brad is doing a International Jack … something, check out the app.
Wednesday - Jason & Ingo are hosting Tantra Chat, a sharing group and a place to hear some Tantra ideas that you can integrate into your day to day life.  Also in Weds, Michael King is offering “Bitches Be Free Online Yoga”.
Thursday -  Adam Bee is offering a Tantra Breath and Self Pleasure sesion, already over 60 men signed up for that. And … Jon from Brisbane is offering a Kundalini Meditation.
Friday - It’s about Multiple Orgasms with Jason and Ingo, and David be hosting a LGBT & Sexually Healing Music Video Screening with a discussion chat afterwards.
Saturday - Jon from Brisbane is offering a Solo Tantric Practice Workshop, Michael is offering a Meditation Walk live from a coast line in Alaska.
Sunday - Armand is giving us a Sweet Soulful Sunday Sharing, Jewels is offering a grief and gratitude ceremony and to finish off he day, Jacob is beaming a the Ecstatic Bedroom Disco.
We've invited over 90 Tantra and related teachers, facilitators, students and members of this community to create for an Tantra4GayMen Special Online Programme during this period. 

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Join us for a gorgeous programme of daily online workshops, concerts, tutorials and sharings - offered with all the Love in our hearts from the Tantra4GayMen community, facilitators and teachers from all over the world. Lets create a huge vibration of Love & Tantra in response to Covid-19. 

Over the next period (until the Covid-19 situation resolves), we are going to create for you the most gorgeous, the most exquisite, the most loving and compassionate offering sustained over the days, weeks and months that this situation is with us. 
All Online, right in your home … 
All for FREE, and all via the Tantra4GayMen app. With a No-Obligation Donation option for those of you that would like to make financial contribution. 

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As we - Jason and Ingo - sit here in our home, we have to tell you that we have seen our beautiful Tantra community, our vocation, our Tantric spiritual practice, our family, our friends, our business all deeply affected by this crisis on so many levels. We are in pain and distress, on one level. Our sleep is disrupted. We are at times scared and worried, and in these moments we lose our connection and risk falling into a state of depression. Then, we switch to another place where our hearts open and we can feel that energy through our bodies. In these moments, we have hope, we have courage and we dis-engage from the drama and into a sense of knowing that is Love, that is Truth. And so this, with all the Love in our hearts, is the opportunity to create a vibration of Love and of Tantra as our response to this unprecedented situation.   
Please know that both of us and our beautiful team of facilitators, teachers and community members offer all of this from our centre of Love. Sometimes, that will appear as sexy, juicy and ecstatic, and other times, it will appear as listening with compassion and with love. And yet at other times, it will appear as wisdom being shared that touches your soul and reassures your being. And other times it will appear as the damn right stupid, fun and giggles that make you laugh. All in the name of Love … which is also Truth.
Love, Jason and Ingo xoxoxo

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