Introduction to Tantra 4 Gay Men

Sat 25 & Sun 26 Feb-17 - 10am to 6pm


Rondebosch, Cape Town

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Introduction to Tantra for Gay Men

Always wanted to know about Tantra? This weekend workshop is a perfect Introduction to Tantra.

If you have always been interested in Tantra and wanted to know more, this is the weekend for you.

Facilitated by Jason & Ingo of Tantra4GayMen, UK they will gently guide you through this weekend introducing you to some of the core concepts of this Spiritual & Sexual practice. You are going to experience and practise techniques around Intimacy, a key foundation of Tantric practise.

Jason & Ingo will also introduce you to the idea of energy both sexual, spiritual and how those are fused within the body. You will also learn the importance and practise of breath, sound and movement and how those can transform your sex life.


Another aspect of Tantra is the idea of 'Ritual'. The making of something sacred and spiritual. In this weekend you will understand key concepts of Ritual and how you can integrate them into your day to day, maybe with your partner or with new Tantric friends.

Meditation is a major part of Tantric practise and Jason will show you some of these meditations that you can take home and try them out.

This weekend has all of the potential to open you to the possibility of experiencing profound and beautiful moments that can best be described as Blissful.

This weekend is a general all rounder of Tantric practices and is a perfect Introduction.


Key Highlights: -

  • Learn & Practise Tantric Meditations.
  • Experience and Play with Energy: Sexual, Spiritual and Embodied.
  • Explore arousal states through the body that can bring you to Bliss!
  • Be introduced to 'Tantric Ritual' as a way of integrating Sacred Sexuality into your life.
  • Explore Intimacy with men in ways you are likely not to have yet experienced.
  • Learn some of the basics of Tantra and its practices.
  • Experience how Breath, Sound & Movement can transform your sexual experience.
  • Take home ideas and suggestions for your spiritual and sexual practise.

Jason has taught over 10,000 men in Tantra Workshops and 121 sessions over the last decade showing them the Tantric pathway of Ecstasy, Bliss as a Spiritual & Sexual practice.

Tantra is a Buddhist Pathway to Enlightenment, in its modern form Tantra is a fusion of Tantric Practices and Psychotherapeutic practices all designed for you to surrender yourself to an experience of Bliss and to deal with everything that gets in the way of that.


Day 1 starts with being welcomed by Jason & Ingo with tea and coffee. This is a chance for you to meet the other participants and to be acquainted with all the facilities. We use a large photographic studio for our weekend workshop. Then when everyone has arrived we will start with an introduction, typically introducing your name, where you come from and what has brought you to this weekend. We'll then start with Tantric Meditation and as the day progresses we'll explore how we become naked as a group. Then we start to work with some of the Tantric practices described above. Your free to take part in as much or as little as you would like.

Day 2 again starts with tea and coffee and then a check in with all of the other participants. We will then do a very different Tantric Meditation than the previous day to give you a wider flavour of different approaches to Tantric Meditation. In this day we will explore how to integrate everything you have experienced the previous day into a Tantric Ritual. Jason will provide you with a framework that you can take home and create your own Tantric Rituals.

The weekend is infused with different ideas and perspectives of Tantra as a spiritual pathway offered by Jason & Ingo.

This is a perfect taster weekend for you to be introduced to Tantra in a way that is safe, at a moderate pace without the more extreme Tantric practices.

It is a great way to consider if this is a pathway for you to explore as a Spiritual and Sexual journey. If you really like what you experienced in this weekend, you might then choose to join our deeper programme of our Diploma in Tantra.


About Us

Jason & Ingo, founders of Tantra4GayMen, trained for 24 years in Tantra and Energy have been offering workshops for over 8 years and around 10,000 men have experienced their work. Their deep understanding of all aspects of energy, along with psychotherapeutic process as well as much experience of creating safe containers for profound Tantric experiences means that you will be in safe hands to be guided through this weekend.

Ticket Prices

For this event tickets are staggered and the earlier you book the cheaper your ticket.

Tickets 1 to 5 are R2,000

Tickets 6 to 10 are R2,300

Tickets 11 to 15 are R2,600

Tickets 16+ are R2,900

Entry Requirements

To attend this workshop you do not need to have had any previous experience of Tantra. All you need to attend the weekend is an open heart and mind and a sense of adventure.

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